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How to tell if cold call was legitimate virgin call

Hi all

i have never posted n this forum before but feel compelled to as cant seem to get to speak to an actual person at virgin today.

i received a cold call today from somebody pertaining to be from virgin- they said they were going to fix our internet connection which they said we were having intermittent problems. As we have had some problems recently i at first thought this was legitimate so carried on speaking to them. 

They then asked me to boot up my pc to do stuff on it and this is when i got suspicious. When i started asking them to verify who they were and confirm my account number they threatened to switch off my internet, claiming it was a leginiate call but for security they couldnt recite back to me my account number.

i hung up in the end but want to verify for sure if anybody from virgin called me today - how can i check this? If the guy was from Virgin (which i highly doubt) i’ll be putting in a complaint!


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Re: How to tell if cold call was legitimate virgin call

This was a 100% scam call.

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