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How do I get Rachel Barrass to answer my letter of complaint, stop harassing me and close my account

I have the same problem, The last straw was being on chat for 3 hours to at least four different people and simultaneously on the phone. I asked if the only way to close my account was to stop my direct debit but all I got was robotic repeat of  "Sorry we can not help you because you have failed the verification" On this occasion they said the only verification question they could ask me was what package I was on? I have had no emails or bills from Virgin for years, and two years ago started a complaint procedure because they were charging me for Landline and TV when I have neither. I have no idea what package I am on. Last time I spoke to Virgin about my contract I was told I was on the lowest tariff already and yet I have seen them advertise Broadband only for half of what they have been charging me. Finally in September I cancelled my direct debit because I did not know what else I could do. I then get a letter from Rachel Barrass saying I owe them the month fee plus £7.50 for non payment.  I wrote back to Rachel Barrass (customer service director) pleading to have my account closed and sent registered by post a month ago and got no reply. I also wrote to Complaints,  but I have had no response and been harassed by phone calls from payment.  The same thing happens every time. They ask me questions and then say they can't verify me and can't help me. The last one was 11th November and I was told I would have to phone! this makes no sense as they phoned me!!. I phoned the number back and this time, for some unknown reason, I passed the verification questions which were the same as I have been asked in the past and been not verified. The questions this time were; my date of birth, how my bill is paid and how much the last one was. Despite finally passing the verification questions I was told that I would need to speak to a manager to close my account. I then wait on line to speak to a manager only to be told that the manager was busy on another call and that they would phone me back! I have not been phoned back. BUT to add insult to injury this morning I got another letter from Rachel Barrass...not replying to the one I sent her but doubling what they say I owe (since leaving Virgin for BT) and threatening me with debt collector and court. I feel harassed and anxious and totally at a losss to how I can cut all ties with Virgin. I fear that even if I pay them they will not allow me to close my account. Thi

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Re: How do I get Rachel Barrass to answer my letter of complaint, stop harassing me and close my account

correct. cancelling your Direct debit doesn't close your account.
All it will do is miss payments and you will end up with a black mark on your credit file and passed to a debt collector