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I’m reposting this as I no one replied to my last post. I feel now, again, as I’m leaving My problem is not of interest to anyone. 
I’m so stressed out because of this. It’s Fraud. 

I telephoned on 29th Sept to cancel
My Services.

The person who answered the was extremely intrusive as to why I wanted to leave. I said to him to be honest, I’m not really happy with the service and the way you’re treating me now is just validating even more for me, he really wasn’t happy with that and he really was aggravated with me. I asked him to stop questioning me and that I did not need to give him a reason  I wasn’t rude or anything like that I was just taken aback by the way he was being with me.

So we went through the call and he was continuing rather unpleasant to me, l I was told my services would end on 29th October, I finished the call and within seconds ALL of my services went off. 

So I had to call back to find out what happened was a ‘technical error’ and that she needed to ‘send some signals’ to my box. This took around an hour with me constantly switching on and off services, then they all came back on.

I said to the person on the telephone it’s a little suspicious that within seconds of me hanging up from a real horrible telephone call that all of my services have gone off? I told the lady on the phone that I believe this was vindictive and I could not see any other reason why my services would’ve gone off unless this person had switch them off.

She said she was going to raise a complaint for me and get this looked into further and I haven’t heard anything since.

Today. I sign into my account, to find a bill for £95! 

Then I investigate a little further to find a new contract been taken out without my permission, which is FRAUD.
I did NOT authorise a contract to be taken out. Why would I? I’m leaving?

This is really poor and really worrying that this has happened. I feel all my personal data is now compromised. 

I can’t get through to virgin media, it seems once you tell them you’re leaving nobody wants to know anymore. This is why after 20 years I am leaving. I am absolutely shocked that this has happened, can anyone please help me?


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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Help!

I'll flag this for the forum staff, they should be able to sort it out, and that would be quickest and easiest for all concerned.

Give the forum staff a chance to sort it out, they usually manage to get these things sorted.  However, if it just disappears into limbo, or the outcome is still unsatisfactory, then (at that point, not now) you should read and invoke the Virgin Media Consumer Complaints Code of Practice.  Put your complaint in writing by post, set your expectations to low and see what happens.  If the complaint isn't resolved to your complete satisfaction at the end of 8 weeks then you escalate to the arbitration service CISAS.  Not quick, but usually very effective. 

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