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Has any noticed an increase in scam calls claiming to be virgin?

We keep getting calls claiming to be from virgin media stating that their system shows that every time we connect to the internet we are commuting ‘illegal acts’. Obviously we aren’t, & virgin can’t see what people do on line through their ‘system’, so it is obviously a scam - has any one had any success in getting them to stop as it’s often my elderly (non-tech aware) parent who actually answers the call & she gets quite upset about it. At the moment the only thing I can do is take over the call if I’m there & tell them to get stuffed (not always so politely) so if anyone can suggest anything to get them to stop any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks

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Re: Has any noticed an increase in scam calls claiming to be virgin?

The scammers won't stop. You have to stop their calls getting through to your home phone.

Have a look at a trueCall screening device or one of the BT phone ranges with trueCall features built in.

This screens the calls by requiring the caller to say who they are and press a key to continue. The automated scam diallers can't do this so the scam call never rings through to the home phone.

I no longer have a landline but, when I used this on my landline for about 18 months, it stopped the scam calls entirely.

In the meantime, don't speak to the scammers at all when they call. Just hang up without speaking. When you answer, it confirms the line is working and someone on the end of the line is willing to talk to them. They will keep ringing in the hope that someone will answer who will be taken in by their scammer stories and fall victim to the scam.

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Re: Has any noticed an increase in scam calls claiming to be virgin?

Hi @CJ_C

Welcome back to the community!
Sorry to hear that you're experiencing an increase of scam calls. There is unfortunately, no process for us to stop these calls. We do offer call features such as Anonymous call reject and Caller Display to help filter or prevent these types of calls coming through, but can't guarantee that it would stop them entirely. You can find more information on scam calls here if needed. If you want to you can report scam callers to Action Fraud, who will investigate this further. 


Carley - Forum Team

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