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Hacking bogus call

Just got a call from a mobile number on my Virgin landline:


Automated message about some issues on the broadband , press 1 to call Virgin support.

You get to a call center, "David" with Indian accent replies (a lot of background noise, line is poor). "How can I help you"

I say, you're the one calling me...

He says I've been hacked from somewhere in California and need to reset my router IP and comms settings.

Asks me some questions about my internet usage.

Goes on to prepare for changing my settings.

At this point it occurs to me I have no proof he is from Virgin and may well be the hacker himself.

I ask him to provide some details about my account: post code, hostname of my router ... etc , anything to prove to me he is from Virgin.

He hangs up.

Anyone had the same?

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Re: Hacking bogus call

it's a common scam call - ignore it - don't engage.

VM will never call you directly about technical issues.

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Re: Hacking bogus call

There are more threads on this issue on this Forum than I have had hot dinners recently. Just do a search

It is along standing and horrible scam. And accidentally you have fallen prey to it. Because you engaged with it you will be bombarded with further calls as they try and try again because they know you responded with a conversation.

The caller number was spoofed so isn't real or belong to a real customer and has been purloined for this illicit use.

Moral of story - don't engage with numbers you don't recognise and disconnect as soon as you think it is dodgy.

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