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Hacked escalation process

On our wavelength

Can the forum team advise of the escalation process VM have in place regarding reporting of hacked VM accounts. I have already raised mine on this community along with many others over the past month. Please do not refer me to the online link, been there done it thank you. How do we as VM customers know that VM are logging and investigating data breaches? We get no ref number, no contact persons etc. When this was reported to Action Fraud I received a ref number and ability to update my account portal as new info came to light which has been substantial on this Forum and as reported by others as well. 

The consequences of data breaches does not generate good publicity and potential fines. The wider global media don't appear to have picked up on this just yet but time is short in the modern world with specialist media's looking at such subjects. As others have said VM cannot hide behind certain corporate words so it will be interesting to hear the latest line to all of us customers that have been affected.