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Hacked email

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  1. An old Virgin Media email address of mine has been hacked. Fraudsters setting up Instagram accounts using it and trying to get access to Microsoft accounts. Virgin say the account is de-activated but I still receive the email notifications of all the activity of the fraudsters. Cannot re-set password as Virgin website says the email doesn’t exist!! How on earth can I stop the fraudsters from using this email (which is in my name?!?!) 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @JimBabs1 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see you've been having issues with this email address being hacked. I'll certainly be happy to take a look at this further for you.

I'll send you a PM to confirm your details so this can be done.



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Can anyone please assist, from last Wednesday myemail address was hacked on Facebook and since then my LinkedIn account/Microsoft One drive account  have all been shut down to me as well as all my passwords were changed and my recovery shut down to me.

Today my emails have now been shut down as this hacker now has control of my email address to, i’ve tried to change my password but to no avail, i desperately need this email address nullified ASAP or handed back to myself and made more secure again..

Makes matters worse that i’m abroad in Spain at the moment and can’t call for help