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I have been getting emails like the one below for the last couple of weeks from people I do not know - some of them are creepy - saying they have seen me walking around their neighbourhood/home inviting me to meet them.  I have not clicked on any of the links, ( they were on 'here', 'there' and 'check her location', and have blacklisted them on my Virgin account, but all the names on the emails are different

FoHey neighbor
I see you walk around my home. You looks nice ;). Shall we meet soon?| Get my pics here
 Im home alone , so you can come by there
 Let me Know if you are into it

- Charlotte from ( check her location) 

Today i have had one for customised t-shirts for my sir name.  The grammar is bad so obviously from abroad.  I did order some items from Lands End clothing - I wonder if this is where this has originated from?  I have Kaspersky total security on my PC, has anyone any ideas how I can stop these emails, please?  Has anyone else had them?

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'Has anyone else had them?'

thousands of times. i set up a rule early on for the same ones to go to my deleted bin. with so many though it is impossible (quicker to delete them). going here may shed some light on why you get so many.

i tend to have different email addresses (not an isp) for different things. banking, shopping, friends, family, other. that would make your day to day emailing better. it has mine. i then purge the 'other' email address every now and again. my banking and shopping email addresses are now largely free of exactly would you have been getting.
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