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Email scams

On new years eve my wife received a message on her mobile from gogamehub stating that if she wants to unsubscribe she from gogamehub has to text message at a premium rate to stop the subscription that she never set up in the first place. Has anyone else had this problem? IS THIS A SCAM???????

Also while ime at it I am sick of receiving emails saying there has been a problem with the VM accounts and that I need to click on this link and input all my bank details to sort the problem out its another SCAM.

Why do virgin-media let these email through and why are they not tracing and prosecuting these people???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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Re: Email scams

Simple reason these are not followed up is cost. It’s very easy to hide on the internet and by the time anything is found out about an address they have moved on or have just hijacked some address. Do you really want your cost of using VM to go up?

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Re: Email scams

scammers use infinite email addresses. when one has been stopped they have already moved onto the next one. someone will always be caught out even if it is the first time the email has been sent and then stopped.

as tudor has said cost is the main reason and that applies to all the isp's. all we can do is be vigilant. i get all manner of scam emails every day. even an email account i had set up before xmas started to receive scam emails and i hadn't even used it. 

as for 'prosecuting them' impossible, most scams are from overseas hidden behind vpn's.

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Re: Email scams

There is tons of information (elsewhere in the forum) on this subject ranging from how they do it to how to spot fake messages and so on.  Spammers/scammers bounce their messages around the world (as well as generating addresses to send to) quite easily and quickly. 

I received a message mentioned in the phishing updates a few months back.  It came from a server in France and the ISP it belonged to was OVH (a French company oddly enough) and since they are in France, it wasn't VM's problem.  There are steps you can take with foreign ISP's to report abuse, (it's better coming from VM themselves), but it's like playing "Whack the Rat".  As James says above, one address is removed and another one pops up to replace it.  Rinse, repeat.  Ad infinitum.  

If VM blocked servers around the world (although there are servers they have to block by law) email and the internet wouldn't work.

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