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DoS email

Just joined


I've been sent an email saying a device on our network has participated in a DoS attack with the very worrying text that other members have stated in similar posts.  I've looked on the /dosparticipant page stated in the letter, and looked at similar posts on the help forum.

I've checked the firewall, have virus protection on devices, and no viruses or malware have been found.  There are no ports open. Tbh, I'm not v computer savvy and do not know what some of the terms in the more detailed discussions are referring to.  Using a Virgin Hub 3.

I've tried calling the phone number but only get sent the same web address to look at, and everything points back to the forum rather than being able to discuss the problem with someone.  We've been told it's our responsibility to sort this out. I am trying hard to sort out this problem, but cannot get the help I need to address it. Is one of the moderators able to help? Please.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello jinja_VM.

Sorry to hear you have received this email. 

Just to put your mind at rest, This is a legitimate email, it has been confirmed that this was sent to some customers in error as they had been detected to be involved incorrectly.

You have done everything possible. 

Checking firewall and running virus protection. 

I am happy to take a look at your account, if you like?