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Data protection

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Why can I not cancel my virgin media unless I provide you with my new address that I have not moved I to yet. I have no current contract commitment and just want to cancel. Online agents refuse to cancel my account unless I provide them with a new address. As a home address is covered by the General Data Protection Regulation UK GDPR, surely you don't need an address that has no purpose for your business


Virgin are even worse on here , a question about data protection and get a link to cancel . Who do you think refused to cancel without the address

You can cancel by letter & send via signed for delivery.

That way you decide exactly what to write.

Alessandro Volta

@Mr_P1 wrote:

Virgin are even worse on here , a question about data protection and get a link to cancel . Who do you think refused to cancel without the address

You haven't had any reply (yet) on here from VM. You will mainly get replies on here from other forum users (mostly not affiliated with VM, who are customers, techie-types etc.)

You have the option to not provide a new address by following the advice from Client62 and writing in to give your 30 days notice to cancel.

Depending on the timings of when you leave your current property, and when your VM disconnection date is, there may be some advantages to you to providing a forwarding address.

The final billing process from VM can drag on for a long time

and includes return of equipment and either paying off a final bill or (possibly) receiving a refund cheque.

There are regular topics on the forums where a past customer has left VM from an old address and some part of the leaving process (credit or debit for the customer) has been incomplete. This has resulted in problems such as the customer not receiving a refund cheque (posted to an old address) or a final bill not being settled with VM (leading to credit history problems and debt collectors when VM start logging defaults for missing final payments).

One of the VM forum team will reply here within a few days and, most likely, will tell you they don't normally deal with disconnections on the forum.

The VM forum team (employees of VM) are identified by the VM 'infinity' logo next to their name and 'Forum Team' beneath.

As per the message from goslow above, there are arguably good business reasons why VM might want your new address before fully processing the cancellation. As such the request is perfectly in accordance with the letter and spirit of the GDPR rules.

Now, I certainly don’t intend to call anyone out in particular but I do find that quite often people who post on fora, citing ‘their rights under GDPR’, quite often don’t really know what the GDPR regulations actually say in their specific case, and just assume that they are in the right!

They are actually far more complicated than you might think - anyone who just simply assumes that ‘companies have absolutely no right to know or retain information about me’; are sadly mistaken.

Super solver

' I have no current contract commitment'

actually you do...we all do. it might be a rolling 30 day contract but as long as you have virgin equipment and want to cancel you are still under contract. 

they would likely need the address if you were trying to wriggle out of exit fees as proof they do not supply services at the new address. but certainly if you are out of the main contract and on a rolling contract there is no need for virgin to have knowledge of your new address. 



Ok under your principle , can you send me your card details now incase you buy me something later .... Thanks 

I understand gdpr and it provides me the right to object. This forum is toxic and like a witch hunt when someone just wants their right to privacy. Il just write and have all my information deleted as I am already getting spam calls one day after cancelling. Cheers virgin media

Hi Mr_P1, thanks for the message and sorry to hear about the experience which you have had with us and this is not the experience which we want you to have. 

I understand that we wanted to know the address and this is usually asked if there was an early disconnection fee, we would need proof of address to look into the fee or if you wish to move the services. In regards to the spam calls this sometimes happens when you cancel and we will be able to update your marketing preference's to ensure that these calls stop. 

Please let us know if you need anything further.

Kind regards, Chris.