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Customer Resolutions Team Letter

Hi. I’ve recieved a letter from Virgin Media stating they have tried to get into contact with me regarding a complaint. I can definitely confirm no attempts have been made. Im told if you dont hear by me in 28 days you will close this complaint. 

The complaint reference on this letter is COM104021252. 

i have texted the number on the letter , the automated text facility. No one replied. Have tweeted out about this. No one replied. Also have emailed about this to the exec team. No ones replied. So how can i be told the complaint will be closed off when I’m doing my utmost hardest to contact VM. 
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Re: Customer Resolutions Team Letter

This is probably an automated system response.  VM's process is set up this way, to automatically close off complaints 28 days after one half hearted attempt at phone contact simply because VM know people give up if the company make it too much hassle.  Sky do something similar.  And the chances of you making inbound contact are next to nil at the moment due to pandemic response measures.  If you're lucky one of the forum staff will intervene, but don't hope too much.

So don't worry about it.  Nothing will happen quickly at the moment anyway.  If VM do close the complaint, you wait eight weeks from the date of VM got the complaint, and you then escalate to the arbitration service, CISAS.  That won't be quick either, but they are independent, and most complaints are settled in the customer's favour.

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