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Contacting virgin media is impossible

Guys I’m getting so sick of this like really sick of it, I find it very difficult getting ahold of virgin media and it don’t matter what time I call so please don’t use the COVID 19 excuse.


i called up on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and again today. From Monday to Wednesday I waited 35mins then hung up, today literallly a moment ago I was waiting for 42mins just to speak to someone but then the call hangs up ?

im not going to keep doing this, my contract is ends soon and if you don’t accept my notice for cancellation I will just stop my direct debit, take picture and video of the proof that I have called and let you put me on a new rolling £65 contract then I will let you send me to a debt collection agent then I will literally sue virgin media 👌🏼 


im not calling and waiting for half hour then having the call hung up on me, I can provide my account number as well as my mums one and we both will like to leave unless you can give me a offer, I called up 2 months ago to ask for a offer and they quoted £41 but I’m looking for a better deal because I can get a better price from other places. I’m just really sick of calling virgin media I really don’t want to do it again I bet your purposely ignoring my call because you know I’m calling to cancel my contract and you can see my contract expires in 1 month 👌🏼 

sorry for this long bio I’m just mad at you

1. I need a new quote for 100mb broadband for me and my mum in GBP pounds.

2. if the quote isn’t something I like Then I wish to give you my notice for cancellation of the service.


p.s I’m not calling 0800 052 2632 👌🏼 

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Contacting virgin media is impossible


With regards to cancellations / negotiations of contract I am afraid they cannot be dealt with in the forum as they have to talk about finances.

Due to the current situation there is a text message only service is available via: 07533051809 Just send a text with the issue you are facing and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Please bear in mind at this time this service does also have a high load and may take quite some time getting back to you. You can also call in on 150 or 0345 454 1111 best times to call are first thing in the morning, use the option "Thinking of leaving", but again wait times my be long.

Regards Mike

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