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I have received an UNSIGNED letter from the Customer Resolutions Team saying they have been trying to contact me - this is absolutely false.  They have a landline number, a mobile number and an e-mail address for me (I live in Belgium) but nobody has tried at any time to contact me by any means, since I raised the problem of the replacement SIM card.  They keep writing to me at a British address and the person there kindly scans the letters, when Virgin have had my full postal address for months!  What is the full postal address of the Customer Resolutions Team so I can send a letter back?  Does anyone have an e-mail address, a proper landline number (not 0345) or even a text number?  My NOKIA phone now no longer works, as the old SIM card indicates no service and the new one cannot be unblocked using the personal unblocking key number as shown with the new SIM card (which was also sent to an address in the UK rather than to Belgium!). My complaint is N° COM 104220585.  This has been going on for several months now, to no avail

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