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Cannot enable web safe / child safe

Joining in

Hi, I cannot enable Web Safe/ Child Safe. I get the message "Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again" upon saving. Have tried using both chrome and MS edge browsers.


Tuning in

I’m having this issue as well. Starting to regret leaving sky I think.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi sanjaylb & hoopsrn,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

We are aware of an issue with this and are working to get this resolved as soon as possible. 


On our wavelength

This is still not fixed a week later - can I check what your are doing about this?  Currently the child safe settings are completely inactive at my home - this is a child safety issue and should have been fixed far more quickly than this.  I have just spent hours online with one of your agents and they couldn't give any more details about it except to say they were sure it would be better in a few hours...

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @AJC12, and welcome back to our Forums.

I'd be happy to take a closer look into this for you. Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.

Kindest regards,


On our wavelength

still no fix for this...

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Cloudflare DNS servers & provide services like websafe/childsafe.

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Hi AJC12, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are still having issues with the web safe, can you confirm what error message you are currently getting when you enable it?

Are you able to provide a screen shot?

Kind regards, Chris. 

Hi Chris, 

I am getting the same issue also. What’s the fix for this please? 
Thanks, Emma

Hi @Ecroall 👋

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

We have some info here on how to manage your WebSafe settings. 

If you're experiencing issues, then please do respond to my PM 📩 so I can help you further. 

Forum Team

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