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Call + text claiming to be from Virgin


Recently I've been having phone calls from an 07 mobile number. I haven't answered these as I'm always a bit sceptical of numbers I don't know. This number then text me today asking am I free
to talk. It's worth noting that they put my name in this text, but it was spelled completely wrong - it looked like a completely different name. When I asked who it was, they responded with this:

'Its Adeel from virgin media'
'Are you free to talk'

Upon reading other submissions it seems Virgin staff are operating from home due to Covid and may be using mobile numbers, however the fact that the number wasn't withheld, they texted me, got my name wrong (when surely they should have my details as written correctly?), and asked me to ring them back is sounding some alarm bells - also the dodgy grammar makes me question more but there we go 🤔

Obviously I'm wary about ringing back in case I get charged ridiculous amounts or if the conversation will just be a scam/phishing thing. Can anyone verify if this may or may not be legit?

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Re: Call + text claiming to be from Virgin

According to @Kev_B all Virgin calls from mobiles should have stopped back on 10th July


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