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Bogus Phone Scam

I keep getting phone calls on my landline from individuals with a strong Indian accent claiming to be from Virgin Media who tell me I have a security issue with my router.  Whilst I am 100% sure this is not virgin media and I quite enjoy stringing them along for a while before telling them where to go I am struggling to find an easy way to report this to Virgin Media.  Any ideas?  Could a moderator for this chat please get in touch and let me know the best way to report this so that other customers don;t get sucked in by this phishing scam?

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Re: Bogus Phone Scam

See this recent reply for some potential risks in stringing the scammers along and winding them up

There have been quite a number of past posts on here from customers whose home phone number has been misused as a fake caller ID.

As for reporting to VM, VM are certainly aware of the issue and provide a basic amount of advice and info to customers but VM have no actual solution to the problem. Reporting to the likes of Action Fraud is a similarly pointless official information-collecting exercise (unless you have actually been a victim of fraud).