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Bogus Caller?

Thought this area was best to post in but mods feel free to move 😉

Had a call earlier today - A female with very poor English, going by the name of John Marsh or something stating she/he was calling from Virgin Media. She/he advised that my line was being hacked and my IP was being tapped by others and such a serious security breach was taking place. He/she further advised that as I was a valued customer I required a security upgrade and such, could I answer some questions. The line signal was very poor and I advised of this and he/she restated all of the above again. The first question I was asked was "How many appliances have you connected presently"...I said none!

There was a pause of about 20 seconds then Mr/Mrs Marsh (or whatever) hung up...Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is contacted by them. My dad called me immediately following this call so unfortunately I don't have the number on record. Have a great day y'all 😉    

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Re: Bogus Caller?

Yes, it was a fake tech support scam call. VM don't make unsolicited calls to customers in this way. Hanging up without talking to the scammers is the best approach. Engaging with them is only likely to encourage further calls.

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Re: Bogus Caller?

Hi ewhitey,

Thanks for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you are receiving bogus calls, you can find out more around dealing with such calls here? hope this helps.