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Betting app thinks im abroad.

Tuning in

I am a UK based Virgin user and i have used a particular betting app for around 3 years and for the first time today a message popped up to say I could not place a bet because it says I'm abroad when I am not.  Does anyone know why this may have happened, and if you do, do you know what I can do about it? Any help would be very much appreciated.


Alessandro Volta

Does this website checker put you in the right location?!

Are you using a VPN on your connection?

Hi goslow

The ip address shown is my isp public ip address . It shows the right area on the map.  I think my phone is the american version of the Samsung instead of the UK version. I dont know whether that means anything though.

Alessandro Volta

Are you using a VPN connection on the phone?

Can you access the betting site through another device via your VM connection?

I can access it and bet again now. It appears to be back up and running in terms of allowing me to place a bet.

I'm not using a VPN.