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Joining in

Hi had an sales agent knock my door the other day on friday Called ( MARK [MOD EDIT: Personal details] ) asking about if i would like join virgin media... so i had a chat with agent parcilay set up to go ahed with virgin... and then said i speak with my partner and get back to him the next day,, spoke to partner and decided to stop with our currant supplier,, Rang the area sales person (Mark [MOD EDIT: Personal details]) and said we are going to stop with our currant supplier,,, now mark said if you do not want to proceed with the order he will cancel it when i ring him to decide what we would like to do,, So i rang Mark [MOD EDIT: Personal details] to tell him we would not like to go head and could you please cancel the order,,, mark then replied you will have to calll virgin themselves,,, so at this point he has lied to me on the visit,, so there is a couple of virgin media workers working in the street and i asked them a question relating to this and they said he can cancel this but they won't because its down to there figures for the month so know i am going to be posting this  on facebook on our village page PERTON RESIDENTS PAGES and to say do not trust this man as he has lied to me and NOT to go with virgin  could some please get back to me to see if this is true ,,

mant hans


Alessandro Volta

There is a long list of requirements that door-to-door sales people must follow here

It includes specific requirements on how to cancel.

Speak to Citizens Advice for detailed info on what your rights are in the case of a sale in your home