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Are these calls legit?

I keep getting repeated calls from people claiming to be Virgin Media / Mobile. The numbers start with the area code 0113 which is Leeds, but they're always different numbers. 

When they ring they have my name, and ask me to confirm my personal details? Wanting to discuss my handset agreement? My handset isn't due for upgrade etc. And I have no problems. I asked why and the lady said once I passed the security check she could go into more details 

Is this legit or shall I just keep blocking the numbers. 

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Re: Are these calls legit?

The fact that the incoming numbers are constantly changing for each new call tells you that it is a scam. You can place no trust at all in a caller ID number to identify the caller as caller ID is easily faked.

Do not give out any personal, account or security information and do not allow them any remote access to your devices.

If you do have any reason to speak to VM, then make an outbound call to VM yourself.

Blocking the calls unanswered is the best approach.