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Another scam number

Phone number was 07439104192

Not had one for a while I needed a smile putting on my face so went with the flow of the conversation.

Started off telling me straight away I had problems with my IP address being hacked and it was causing issues with my speed. I said you have me worried now, then all I got was "Your a very clever person! You think you are a tiger or a bear!!" So I roared then told him stop being sarcastic for calling me clever...he cut me off lol wife and daughter were laughing their heads off.

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Re: Another scam number

@lojelo5 wrote:

Phone number was 07439104192

As always, the spammer will have spoofed (faked) that number. If it is actually in use it belongs to an innocent person who is completely unaware of the scam.

It will not have been the real number they were calling from and when they call you again it will appear to be from a different number.


I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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