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Access code set up

Tuning in

I have been receiving quite a lot of phone calls stating they are from virgin sales, they offer me an upgrade, now i know this is all a scam and i'm aware of how it goes.

Why don't virgin set up a code system for it's customers, the way it will work is, the customer gives virgin a 4 digit code and it is added to the customers account, virgin then have to give this code to it's customers if and when they contact them, the system they have in place at the moment is not really secure, any scammer can get someone to believe they are genuine virgin customer services by asking the potential victim for 3 characters of their security password, many folks will actually give them the characters, all the scammer does then is acknowledge the answers given are correct, I actually proved to myself that this is easy, i called a friend of mine and asked them for 3 characters (of my choosing) and they gave them to me sweet as a nut, I've had many calls saying they are virgin and asking me to give them 3 characters, as i know it's a scam i just make up 3, the scammer then gives me verification that the letters given are right, Sometimes I play along if i've nothing better to do, they ask for names, i use many, michael Litoris (mike) is a favourite or Hugh Janus, without exaggeration i have had 20 calls this week, so come on virgin, implement a security code system so your customer service can prove they are actually virgin, many folks are still falling for these scammer calls, If i want to be abrupt i ask the scammer for the name of the person who they are calling, this usually gets a hang up response, a simple code system that virgin have to prove who they say they are is not difficult to get sorted.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi colinRG

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear of the calls. Please see more here - Dealing with Fraudulent Calls & Vishing Scams | Virgin Media Help - this should help.

Thanks also for the feedback, we'll ensure it's passed to the relevant team.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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Hi John, Thanks for the link, not wanting to sound an ass, I know about the ways a scammer will try and get details from you, I'm not saying I can't be scammed but I am pretty savvy about scammers.

All i was asking was, isn't it about time virgin implemented a code system for it's customers so the customer will know that it is really virgin calling?

It's not something that can be done overnight and will take a few months, but once and if this is implemented the scammers will be aware they can no longer use the "we are virginmedia sales team, and we have a special offer running" I had 2 more calls yesterday, one saying they are virgin, the other saying they are O2, I know virgin and O2 are working together, but this last one from O2 was a pushy person, if someone with less savvy were to answer that type of call they they may be pressured into doing as the scammer wants, there is no point in reporting the phone number they use to anyone as it changes like the wind.

It will be a cold day in hell before i let anyone access my system and I certainly won't give access to someone from any business whether i'm a customer or not, lol

Thanks anyway John, Appreciated

We appreciate the feedback @colinRG and thanks for remaining vigilant!

Forum Team

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