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virgin pre pull in flat

Joining in

i ordered virgin media online on the 26th getting installed on the 16th and was asvised due to my flat not having virgin before they have to do a pre pull and i asked what this was and was told that they just run the cable from the green cabinet outside to near my flat outside ready for install


was told today that the pre pull has been completed with no probloms and to expect no issules 

and all they need to do now that pre pull is done it drill a hole into my wall and connect cable for tv and internet 

but i would like to now if i will have any issues with it as i do live in a flat 2nd floor flat and i just worry with this like this want it all to go smoothly 

just worrying because i live in flat 


is all the above information that i was told all correct 


many thanks hope someone can answer 





You have multi-posted the same question 3 times now. Best stick to just the one topic which will help you and anyone trying to reply. Unfortunately no one can give you a clear and certain answer about what will happen next as much will depend on your individual circumstances and layout of your building.

If VM has got as far as bringing a cable to your home, that is usually the bit which seems to cause the greatest problems and delays.

Sorry that I’ve said the same question three times but I just worry about stuff like this due to my disability autism but it’s like you’re saying that the pre pull  has been completed without any problems. I should be fine shouldn’t I

Bringing the cable from the cabinet in the street to the customer's home is usually where the longest VM delays seem to happen.

If you have got that far in the process, that is a good sign of progress.

VM should now provide you with another date where a VM technician will come to make the final connection from outside to inside your home, install the VM equipment and activate your services.

Yes I havd that appointment 


so all sorted for install