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virgin media wall socket

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i have received my box and i was setting it up and i realised i dont have a virgin media wall socket in my house, is there anyway i can get the internet without having to connect a cable?


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Very Insightful Person

No. Try tracing the wire from the outside omnibox, if no luck call the pre-installs team on 0800 052 1734 8AM- 9PM Monday - Friday or 8AM-6PM Saturday and Sunday

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i dont know what any of that means

@char_roo wrote:

i dont know what any of that means

Look on the outside of your property for a plastic wall box with VM branding or branding from one of the earlier cable TV companies. Usually they are grey or brown in colour.

If you can find one, follow any cables into your property and see where they go to.

Sometimes the VM connection is via a trailing lead inside the home, rather than a wall box.

Sometimes previous cables/boxes have been cut out and removed by previous residents or installers such as Sky, in which case you will need one installing.

If you do have no connection, phone in and request a technician installs the connection for you. (Should be FOC if you are a new customer and do not have a socket)