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splitting house into 3 single one bedroom flats flats

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hello there , i am planning to change my house into 3 seperate one bedroom flats . i would like to put the cables during the building prosess . is it possible to get all cable work to be done during building process.


Fibre optic

VM are going through a period of pushing fibre deeper into the property, altnets are coming out with their own fibre services, Openreach are rapidly deploying etc. If you want the best options available for the future then have your electricians install rigid 25mm conduit runs from each flat down to a central location.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey there gallipoli, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community.

To answer your question only one socket can go in the average residential house, if you mean you want an internet socket in each bedroom flat this wouldn't be possible we could only install the one.

What you could try is WIFI pods this could extend the WIFI signal. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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