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so many questions

Tuning in

Hi everyone


couple of things with my new Volt Package.

wireless is not much of an improvement over my last 200mb package, even though its supposedly 1000mb.

Tried splitting them into 2.4ghz and 5ghz for test purposes.

installed my old Deco Mesh system with 3 pods - not much improvement!

Got a Virgin Pod on order - who knows?

Have a backup plan of a WIFi 6 TPLINk AX 1800 but a bit miffed that the Superhub 5 is not delivering what it should!

Any technical help for a frustrated customer gladly welcome.

Also Virgin Mini Box - do i need to book an engineer to install it upstairs in my computer room?

thanks in advance




Trouble shooter

Have you confirmed you are getting full speed over a wired connection?