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returning gear after leaving Virgin, even worse support than when one is in contract !!

Fibre optic

So have  now left Virgin

     and have an email saying to return the kit, and they will contact us.

First up , the email says I have kit like a netgear hub, that as far as I  know Ive never had,

      were they picking up my netgear switch ?

They also have text us a date they "are in the area"

    and I can confirm, or decline, 

    but , they can't tell us which part of the day , until after I have agreed a day .

I have some mornings and some afternoons I have to be out,  so as hey cannot say a time period, I have to take off a full day to wait in for them

Amazingly bad form,






Fibre optic

Well OK, 

Virgin Media have the best customer and world class support and organisational abilities - said nobody, ever!

Look the whole thing is broken and dysfunctional, fine, every one on here understands and accepts it for what it is!

OK Probably the world’s least competent systems will eventually decide that you are in breech of some sort of ‘failing to return xyz by abc date’ and try to fine you. What you do, in retaliation, is to raise an official complaint, wait for that to be fobbed off with a ‘resolution' which has only a passing resemblance to anything to do with the gist of your complaint or, indeed be written in English by a 6 year old, and then reject said resolution, on the grounds that it has seems to have been written by a very early version of ChatGPT and has spectacularly managed to miss the point entirely, demand a deadlock letter (which will also be treated with the same level of customer support as you have experienced so far), and escalate to the whole sorry mess to the Ombudsman Service for independent judgement - hint, you will win and get compensation, on the grounds that VM are institutionally too incompetent to sort anything out properly!


Alessandro Volta

Still, there is some good news... you have escaped from Virginmedia 🙂 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

seems not yet.. 

  they now want to charge us an extra 25 quid, which I can only guess is for the privalage,

      I can't believe its still from the time the "engineer" came and said I can  not use a network switch with the domestic subscription, and all the faults were due to the fact that virgin dont support systemes with network switches. When I called , they said it was a mistake, sent to new engineers who saud it was not my system but the virgin network, and that I'd be refunded the 25 quid.