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poor BB speed

Can anyone explain this please: I have a new Virgin bb system. When I run the Virgin Broadband speed checker I usually get around 30-40 mbps download. If I run the same speed checker immediately again I get around 12 mbps. If I then run the 'Which' speed checker I get around 12 mbps. Which speed is right? I have done this repeatedly over a few days and I always get this higher speed on the first run and the lower speed on all subsequent runs, unless I leave it for an hour or so and then it follows the same pattern again.

I have a Virgin router attached to a tv by an ethernet cable and all my other equipment (desktop computer, iPad etc) attached with wifi.


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: poor BB speed   is usually regarded as the most consistent site for speed checking (I only ever use this one).  You should first check the speeds on a Cat5e/6A ethernet cable (attached directly to the Hub} on a gigabit enabled laptop/computer booted into "Safe mode" (if its windoze) also with the Hub in modem mode - this takes out any "throttling" due to software running on you computer/laptop and any other network traffic.  That's your baseline connection speed - the one that you are paying for !.  Then go back and check how wifi compares to that.

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