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no phone line capacity in local box

Was sold 100Mb broadband plus phone for £25 a month. Now they are telling me that there is no capacity for a phone so will have to put me on broadband only. No compensation was offered, in fact when I enquired about a discount they told me the price would go up to £29 a month!

When I said I would accept no phone line but only for the original £25 a month I was told this was not possible. I asked to be put through to someone who could do give me the original price (or at least credit my account to make up for it), again not possible. I was given another number to call and wait on hold, only to be told exactly the same thing. 

At that point I asked to be put through to cancellations and, surprise surprise it was fixed straight away (by £4 account credit per month).

I found this to be awful behaviour from Virgin (charging more for less service, then 2 different people assuring me there was nothing I could do about it). Posting here in the hope that it helps someone else. Makes me wonder if the whole "phone line capacity" story a scam that most customers will just go along with and end up paying more.

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Re: no phone line capacity in local box

Hello CalumC

Thanks for your post 

Sorry to hear about issues you have had 

First of all I can see that you have managed to get everything resolved now. 

The capacity issue only becomes apparent when an engineer visits the cabinet. 

Capacity may well become available, but not until an existing customer happens to disconnect an account. 

Apologies also for having to call to get the cost adjusted 

Our Customer Service Team do not have access to specific discounts, this is why our Retentions department had to add this. 

Should you need anything else please let us know




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