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no confirmation email received

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hi i signed up on the 23rd dec and picked the 28th dec for my installation date, i have received my pre documents saying this but no email actually confirming that its going to be installed on the 28th , i just want to confirmation and no lies this was the very reason i left sky as open reach where barefaced liars saying work would be done on such a date and then nothing so is it possible for someone to look in to this so i know whats going on


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hi im due to have virgin broadband installed this week , currently im with sky who use open reach wires witch are already there, i know virgin is nothing to do with open reach so will use there own cabinet and wires, my question is how does virgin install the cables between the cabint and my address  , im assuming they don't dig up the street evert time they get a new customer , hopefully that makes sense .

p.s im so excited about getting 350megabit speeds i cant wait for it to be isntalled as fastest ive evr use is open reach fibre to the cabinet witch maxes out at 80 /16 .... or in my case  my poverty connection maxxes out at 40/3  

Alessandro Volta

VM mainly uses its own ducts to install cables and connects to its own street cabinets (although some recent topics on here do describe installations via Openreach poles and ducts).

General outline of a typical process is explained below from a topic last week

Installations using fibre optic cable to the home use a different process of connecting a small plastic tube to the property, through which the fibre cable is blown. The fibre connection is converted to a coax connection immediately outside the home and coax cable is run inside the property to connect the VM hub etc.

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so i take it im not getting internet installed on the 28th, **bleep** sake why **bleep** lie then im so **bleep** angry i left sky because of the bulshit  lies from open reach and you are the same shuve your internet up your **bleep** asses 

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i am supposed to have someone come round on the 28th to fit my broadband but ive had no email confirming this  can someone look at this please as i want to know whats going on , i left sky due to open reach lies so if yall are the same then i want my order cancelling right now ,

Thank you for reaching out to us here, welcome to the community.

Please accept our apologies for the difficulties you are having, I would like to take a look at this for you and see what I can do to help. In order to do so I will need a little bit more detail so I will send you a private message.

Thank you


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hi im a new customer and am due to have my service installed tommorow , im concernered as i have no confirmation email ,  i rang up the number and it wont let me proceed with no account number ,  i have rang up and it wont let me speak to anyone as i have no account number it just sends me a link to ann app my phone cant download (old and non smart)  

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @Anonymous 

You could try calling the pre-installs team on 0800 052 1734

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will they be able to give me my account number and/or tell me my exact install date as its due tommorow but ive had no confirmation email

Hello 05hudsond


Thanks for posting in regards to your upcoming installation and how it works, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Every installation is unique to a degree in regards to the cabling to the property, mostly these will already be in place and it should just be a case of the engineer doing some external work and some internal work if required (depending on cabling etc) do you know if the property has had Virgin Media services previously? There may be an 'Omni Box' (brown box located on the front or side of the property.