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new virgin customer , self install kit hasnt arrived and my outside cable looks damged

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so i was due have self install kit arrive yesterday 25th nothing from yodel ,dont expect much from that service , no updates on tracker  ..just says delayed on the way to depot ,they wont give me any answers ,then  went outside today to find my cable that runs to the virgin box has been cut on the outside some how . im at a loss as i cant test anything due to horrible yodel service . any help would appreicated thanks .


On our wavelength

tried several time to chat with yodel when i do chat with them thay cannot tell me why my package is delayed dunno when / if it will arive even today wasting another day on useless yodel ..FUMING

cable going to box cable 1.2_1.3.1.jpgcable 1.3_1.4.1.jpgcable 1_1.2.1.jpg

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @scarletttaylor 

If the cable to the external box has been cut then you are going to need a manned installation. 

You need to contact the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 - they might have a problem booking the tech though with the hub still being out for delivery

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hi thanks for the response ,yeah your right on getting someone out  , been holding on  calling virgin  until the hub arrives which could be whenever yodel,  i use their chat system  and they couldnt tell me why it was delayed they told me  this time to give them 24 hrs  i think they will do the same tomorrow  😞  

i would like to test the hub first . but i do suspect it wont work . will update if i hear anything 

update 27 th . spoke to yodel , yodel told me to contact virgin media, i told them virgin cant help as its a yodel problem , when i politlitely pressed ,they wont confirm its lost  and tell me if they find it it will returned to sender , i have the chat transscript again fuming aboslutte garbarge , yodel are the worst , so from reading other post on here i doubt virgin will send someone to help/ install set up until they know what has happened with yodel , now im frustrasted and starting to consider options , hope this get sorted soon really annoyed so far .


edit 8:36am - yodel - parcel returned to sender 😞

update i chatted to lovely person on vm whats app they told me i have to ring preinstalls team like the helpfully person who replied to post .

however the problem for me is i have alot of health issuses and too anxeity to speak to people , when i do i have carers and support  workers helping me i find it disspointing that in  2022 this cannot be arranged online .


it all started with a simple self install kit and well dunno what to say 

kinda wondering is this what it will be like everytime i need help , so after yodel lost my install package and my cable was damaged , i found out couldnt  do something  simple arrange someone to install virgin media by using my online account / vm whats app , i have health problems which means simple things like talking on the phone are extremely difficult without my support workers .ive been out of contract with my current providers for 3 years ish and the price is creeping up every so often , so i thought i would get better faster internet for not much more money ,with my current provider which im waiting to cancel evrything was as simple as use website done never spoke to them once on a phone call and it was easy but the service they provide isnt fast enough , over the last few days ,its stressfull  looking out for parcel that never was going to arrive , i live byself so i was worried to do anything so i dont missed delevery  waiting from 8am til 9 pm because i knew yodel would nt send me txt or be reliable i was right to be worried , so the i find myself asking in 2022 why isnt it possible for someone like me to be to use a website to do what i need and do i really want to put up with this much longer , thank you to every who read this  ive made a previouse post which i felt was ignored .


update after speaking to webchat  after sending a complaint (which i did want to resort to ) a nice person finally help me and arranged an egineer appointment for the 3rd of august . fingers crossed everything goes ok.

Hey @scarletttaylor,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post your issue on the forums.

I'm sorry to hear of the issues that you've had trying to get your services installed, I 'am however glad that you have got the help that you needed and now have an appointment booked in for 03/08.

Please do let us know how the appointment goes and if you need any further assistance.