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moving router

I've been trying for ages to get hold of VM to get my router moved from one room to the other side of the house, but given up, hopefully someone on here here can help me please. I know of the £99 fee, but i would argue this in my case as i'm moving the router to get better signal, so obviously not getting what i'm paying for, so i wouldn't class this as a no fault call out....but either way i require a new hub as i still have one of the old white hubs and would like it moving please, any suggestions on how i can get through as chat and phone calling isn't getting me anywhere

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Re: moving router

WiFi signal strength isn't guaranteed, so you won't get a free callout simply because your WiFi doesn't reach your desired locations. 

What you pay for is a broadband connection to the router, if you connect to the router via an ethernet cable and get at least 50% of your advertised speed then you are getting what you paid for. 

You can upgrade to a hub 3 free of charge in some area, but if you have the 2 then most people actually class that as a better alternative as it has less bugs!