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line fault area 20

I can understand things break from time to time but this morning i found my internet barely usable.

I checked the broadband status page where it is telling me the issue is known and a engineer will be attending 10am tomorrow.


Is this just a place holder time or am i genuinely having to wait over 24 hours just for an engineer to attend ?

i may sound a little moany but i use my internet for work as well as personal and the weekend is a very busy time for me. 


I have had similar issues to this for years on my line. Previously, though it would of been fixed or at least attended too within 5 hours. 

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Re: line fault area 20

An engineer visit in 24 hours is pretty good. Depending on how busy they are at the time it could easily be much longer.

The fact that you use the broadband for work is not relevant as this is a residential not a business service. If you want a guaranteed fast response you should take out a business contract. 

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