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hub5 and vpn connection problem

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Hi, I have had a new hub5 fitted as my connection to my work VPN was getting slower and slower and more unworkable.

I now have an issue in that whenever my internet connection drops during the day, the VPN connection is lost and then I am unable to successfully re-connect due to some anti virus message.   It will not let me log back in onto VPN until I re-boot the hub.

It is very intermittent.  I tried the VPN connection on another ISP provider, and it works fine, so I assume it is an issue with the Hub5?

I see there are some other posts on here, but no definite fix?  I am currently awaiting an engineer to come back but he advised that there should be no conflict with the Hub5 and the VPN access.

Any help appreciated.  I am not that technically minded, so any advice would need to be simple to follow please.

Thank you



  • Since being downgraded to a hub 4 I no longer have the vpn issue.  I now have a new issue in that my internet connection constantly drops and I am constantly re booting the new hub4. And have to Reconnect to Wi-Fi on my phone etc I am giving them one more chance tomorrow to sort it or I am giving my notice to move to an ISP who can provide the service ii am paying for.  I work from home and need to be able to do my job with a decent connection. This will be the 3rd engineer in 11 days! 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @DC1168,

Thanks for providing us with an update, glad to hear you have sorted one issue, if you do let us know how the visit goes tomorrow we can assist you further if required.