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how to book an engineer

Joining in

Hi, I got offered a quick set up when I ordered my virgin broadband kit, turns out I dont have a proper virgin media box in my flat to connect it to, but only an ethernet wall plate. How can I book an engineer to sort this out for me? thanks


Alessandro Volta

staff will book something it takes them a few days to get to threads or ring but

not all installs have an internal box

start outside and look for the external wall box - 6" square ish usually on wall facing road or pavement - brown or grey usually - follow any cables that come from it and go inside - if there are non look inside opposite external box as they may just have drilled through wall - as said it may just be a cable rather than an internal wall box

if you find a cable you need one of these to attach the cable that came with the quick start kit


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi kotowskka

Thanks for posting, welcome to both the community and also Virgin Media. Sorry about the confusion with the install and the cabling. I shall send you a PM now to get this tech visit booked in. 


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