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failure to install fibre cable line to my house

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my Virgin media contract started 4th July and the engineer came on that day to set up the boxes. However the fibre cable hadn't been installed so he was unable to complete his task. Fast forward to today and I my install has been rescheduled for the 4th time to 30th August.

The problem is that my cable has to come overhead from a BT pole on the other side of the road and then be threaded through live electric cables which run past my house. To do this the road will need to be temporarily closed but that needs permission from the Highways Agency/ Local Council. I have contacted Virgin at least 10 times and told them what the issue is but to date Virgin do not seem to be able to link up with their 3rd party line installation team to sort out this issue.

I have raised a complaint and written to the CEO who has yet to reply back. I am unsure of who to turn to next as nobody seems to be able to resolve this issue. In the meantime I am left with no landline, no TV, no broadband and no end in sight to this mess.




Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @jasonO, and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums!

I'm terribly sorry to hear of the difficulties that you have encounted when simply trying to get the services installed with Virgin Media.

Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me, and we'll look into this for you.

Kindest regards,


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Hi Jason,

I have the same issue about closing the road but be aware if it costs too much they will just say No. I have been in this and had a case manager this morning who has escalated this further I have no broadband and no Tv neither and my Mrs who works in a school is tethering her laptop from her phone.

Hi David_Bn

If you have a magic wand that worded for JasonO could you wave it for my daughter. She took out a contract which was supposed to be installed in early June and she’s still waiting for the external work to be carried out. We’ve spent hours on the phone and get no help, we’re told an engineer is coming that day, there’s 35m of cable to be installed, waiting for permits - the list of excuses just goes on. 
We’ve asked if VM would like to give up / cancel the contract but no one wants to answer that. We’re raised a formal complaint and tried to reach out via social media - all seem to be pointless.

You’re my last hope!

Hi @Carols9999 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the poor experience your daughter has had 😔

What's the latest information you've been provided in terms of the complaint being dealt with? You can track complaints for any updates using our online checker here

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience and we'll do our very best to help.


Hi Daniel 

I get this message when trying to access via the link to check the status of the complaint.

Sorry, there's nothing to see here

Your account's been disconnected. This means you're unable to access this area of your online account, so you won't be able to manage on-going issues or raise new ones.

My daughter got a very basic email saying VM can’t provide the service due to installation costs etc and the contract would be cancelled. 

There was no suggestion that she might want to look at non fibre options with VM and more importantly noting at all about the compensation that she is due.

Is it supposed to be this hard?!

Thanks for the response there,

It would appear from this matter that our team would be unable to install the service however the complaint should still be open.

Have you received any confirmaiton of the complaint being closed?




i haven’t had any update on the complaint or payment of the compensation which I believe is supposed to be automatic

Hi @Carols9999,

Automatic compensation is only applicable within certain circumstances, all of which are outlined here.

I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments so we can take a closer look. Please respond to this when you can and we'll proceed from there with this.


Zach - Forum Team
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