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Re: drops at my end user level with 'No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out' in the Superhub ...


Issues continued after the previous post re cable trim and adding new connectors + tightening up at the street cabinet end.

Had 2 weeks of having only 1 or 2 upstream channels instead of 4, drop outs and slow performance when connected.

Engineer informed me Virgin had capacity issues in the upstream network and were working to resolve.

Then an update to tell me that work was done and problems continued.

Then informed they were replacing some equipment in the street cabinet - new amplifier was mentioned.

After this, its been 4 days stable, no post RS errors, 4 upstream channels and speed as expected/paid for.

So problem has been fixed. Everything has now been replaced / checked. So 6 weeks on this forum posting and before that about 6 weeks of instability noticeable because of working from home and experiencing many day time drop outs. In hindsight, several outages per week has been normal since I can remember.

Now switched my contract from domestic to business which has a 12 hour issue resolution commitment but at £74 a month inc VAT. 




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