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Not sure if anyone can help with this or I'm in correct forum.

I was due to move house Friday but it didn't happen and was disconnected  even though I'd informed VM via text that the move was cancelled and had arranged another install date.

I called VM Saturday morning and was connected to move team who informed me that they weren't aware and would sort and it would take 48hrs. Why????

I called them again twice during Saturday and last call with move team informed me my connection form had failed because person meant to move into my house had a connection booked and they would have to contact them to cancel their connection before they could connect me. They did not ring back as they said they would.

Called again Sunday another 3 hrs trying to sort and was told midday that it would take another 48hrs as they age not contacted New person who was meant to move in!!!

I demanded they contact Thier manager to get my connection up and running again.

Been with VM for 15yrs extremely frustrated,angry and very unhappy with service. I spoke to a VM engineer out in field today and he said I comment on here as it was quicker and he also said that I could have been connected immediately by computer by someone and that is was very easy to do. I'm extremely angry that this is the case and shall be contacting them when I get home from work,feel as though I've been mislead.

I need internet for my children and partner works from home.

Any thoughts or help appreciated

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