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changing over to a 2ac hub from a Super Hub 2

I've bought a Super Hub 2ac to replace my Super Hub 2 (instead of going for a 3 as reports seem poor online) but when I connect it up, I can connect to the hub, but I just get 'no internet connection' via a wireless or Ethernet connection. Faulty hub or do I need to call Virgin to change something?

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Re: changing over to a 2ac hub from a Super Hub 2

The 2ac you "bought" is a useful doorstop.  It belongs to VM who have deactivated it and told the owner to recycle it.  Seller has found a creative way of doing so - check whether the seller accepts returns - but I think we know the answer to that already.  Dont buy a Hub3 either - as that will be classed as receiving stolen property as VM want those returned.  Only way to get an "upgrade" is to get a Hub3 from VM - who rent all of their equipment.  I have the SH2 too - its a perfectly good modem (so like I have) stick it in modem mode and spend your hard earned money on a new cable wifi router.

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