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cable re-burial

Tuning in

A customer service staff told me that virgin can do re-burial of the cable from the street to the router. Has anyone had this done? or can explain what this actually resolves?

In my situation, when virgin did the installation I asked them to run the cable along the front wall to avoid a built-in cabinet on the side of the shortest path from the street to the house. They ingored this advice till they entered the house and realised it wouldn't work. But they had already cut the cable too short forcing them to trench it through the lawn. the issue I have is that the cable leaves the lawn in a precarious position constantly leaving it vulnerable to any lawn work.

Would any re-burial allow for the cable to be lengthened and placed around the perimeter out of the way?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @uncouth


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums! 


I'm so sorry to hear you are facing this issue with your cable after your install! 


Are you able to provide an image of the cable and the lawn for us so we can take a look into this? 


Thank you.