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cable does not fit wall socket.

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What kind of adapter / converter do need to fit into my wall socket - as pictured? 

And is it possible to have two routers in 1 house? I have a 3 floor and there is no signal from the downstairs router upstairs so instead of boosting the signal I wanted to setup another router as there is an aerial socket upstairs. 



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Very Insightful Person

That's not a Virgin socket, that's for a TV aerial.


You can buy a mesh system or rent a mesh system from VM for wifi coverage, VM don't provide extra routers 

Alessandro Volta

as said thats not a VM socket

not all installs have an internal box

start outside and look for the external wall box - 6" square ish usually on wall facing road or pavement - brown or grey usually - follow any cables that come from it and go inside - if there are non look inside opposite external box as they may just have drilled through wall - as said it may just be a cable rather than an internal wall box

if you find a cable you need one of these to attach the cable that came with the quick start kit


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I’m sorry I should’ve made it more clear; I have a wifi router fully setup downstairs already using the VM installed wall box and I want to set up another router (I have 2) on the top floor using this aerial socket. 

Is this possible?

Short answer is no.
As previously mentioned that is an aerial socket for connecting to a TV & not part of VM setup.

My Broadband Ping - Virginmedia

Alessandro Volta

to add to @Anankha post - if its another VM hub that you have acquired then thats little use to you unless its a hub 2 even so you cannot connect a second VM hub to the coax

you can connect a 3rd party router to the original hub via a lan cable and get wired and wifi connection from that new router - you have choices - if you dont want to use the wifi and any of the lan ports on the VM hub then put it into modem mode and connect the new router voa a lan cable into port 1 on the VM hub

if you do want to use wifi and all the lan ports on the VM hub then its slightly more complicated

you still need to connect the new router to the VM hub via a lan cable but you need to turn off DHCP on the new router and change its internal address - if yo have a VM SH2 then you can use that by doing the same thing


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