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Your website keeps confirming with a different address to what I'm using.


Your website uses two sources of data for addresses - you don't have my address in the first list but when I click "Can't find your address" - it appears. 

Horsfall Drive.png

After booking - your system changes it to a completely different address - 17 Ebrook Way. (This address doesn't exist - check the Royal Mail if you want proof).

Ebrook Way.png
Looking at the data for this address, I can see you are using the same "premiseId". This is really really bad! I've spent hours and hours talking to your customer service team and they can't over-ride the address.

An engineer refused to install to my address today because your system won't let Horsfall Drive be used - they were sent to 17 Ebrook Way. This is despite me spending 90 minutes on a call with Customer Services who assured me they had corrected the address.

Whenever your customer service team book - it changes the address to the wrong one for them too.

Please delete 17 Ebrook Way from your database - I've been trying to join for 3 months but can't because of your buggy website/data.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Your website keeps confirming with a different address to what I'm using.

Hi there

I'll take a look into this for you

I'll pop a private message over to see if I can help



Here to help! I'm a technician helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

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