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Yodel aren't delivering my SuperHub 5

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Hi All,

I ordered Gig1 last week and Yodel scheduled delivery of a SuperHub 5 (I currently have a SuperHub 3) to my property. This was due to arrive Thursday 8th September. The tracking information from Yodel shows that the parcel was loaded onto a van and went out for delivery, that's the end of the tracking information. Yodel has been showing that the parcel has been out for delivery and is due "Today" since Thursday the 8th.

It is now Monday the 12th, so the parcel has been out for delivery for 4 consecutive days. Either the driver is walking the parcel to my house, or something has gone very wrong...

Of course, I contacted Yodel and they have absolutely no idea. So far they have told me both it will arrive "today" AND it is delayed and they have no idea when it will arrive. I have called Virgin Media customer services who advise me that it is out of their control and they don't know when it will arrive. To their credit, they did give me £10 off my bill for the inconvenience.

So, it's clear that my parcel is not going to arrive, otherwise the tracking information would have some kind of update. Also, I have had another unrelated parcel from the same Yodel depot that arrived 2 days ago, so I know they can deliver to my house.

It seems like Yodel have lost the parcel. How do I go about fixing this?


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You don't - it is totally the responsibility of VM to sort it out. Don't allow yourself to be talked into chasing up Yodel - you are the customer and according to consumer law the onus is on VM

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mupet0000,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome back to our Community Forums!

I'm sorry to hear there have been some issues with the delivery of your equipment. I've taken a look at things on our end, and I can see that the equipment has since been delivered.

How are things looking? Have you been able to get the equipment installed and running?


Reece - Forum Team

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Yes it was eventually delivered. Not sure what happened but the tracking information simply didn't update for about 5 days in a row with it constantly showing as "Out for delivery" and due to be delivered "Today".

This is what happens when you use Yodel. I'm glad it arrived, it's all working well, however nobody deserves the displeasure of dealing with Yodel.

Hi there @mupet0000, thanks for reaching out to us!

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the Yodel delivery.
I am happy to hear that the equipment has been delivered and that everything is working well.
I will feed this back internally so it can be raised with our team and re-evaluate future processes.
We appreciate you reaching out to us with this information.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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