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Yet another delayed installation

Tuning in

I’ve posted previously about my installation experience, and the feedback received was useful back in January. Albeit, I’m still waiting for the installation to take place after the initial installation date of November 2022.

As many others seem to be having the same issues, I’m getting excuse after excuse from virgin media, and I’m not sure whether to believe the actual reason for the delay. The latest reason is due to a lack of permit, although road works have already been carried out some months ago by VM without a permit… 

Does anyone know of the phone numbers to get anywhere beyond the customer service team, how to contact an area manager (another instance of a callback from a month ago), or if checking on ‘permit applications’ is actually worth doing beyond evidencing the conflicting information? 




Alessandro Volta

From the many past topics about this, contact from an 'area manager' only seems to come about when said manager chooses to get involved. Some customers have made progress when they happened to make contact with the individual sub-contracting company doing the work (usually after a chance meeting at the customer's home). There are occasional mentions of progress through the CEO's office complaints team. In short, it's all a bit random.

You should make enquiries with your local highways authority (might be your local council or county council depending on your area) to get your own info on VM's permits for your job. This won't necessarily make the work happen any faster but it will provide a bank of evidence to counter whatever VM's version of events is. Plenty of past examples on here where VM's account of the 'permit problems' has not been entirely truthful. It will also help when the tally-up for compensation becomes due and you (probably) have to go to arbitration for the compo.