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Wrongfully deemed unserviceable because of poor workmanship

We are the last house in the street. All other houses have been serviced . Our house has been denied because it is deemed uneconomic to resolve collapsed ducts in a new installation in rhe street. Following one single attempt by construction to resolve this, they gave up. Several house visits to pull the cable which was silly as it was clear the problem was that the laying abs backfilling was inadequate to secure the cable ducts properly.

the budget for fixing the poor workmanship and choice of materials has left us out of pocket abs bitterly dissatisfied . The property has the conduit in rhe garden, the brown box on the wall abs the trap outside rhe garden.

what is required is effort and digging to clear the collapsed ducts and they can’t be bothered doing it because it’s just one house . The last house in the street.

the decision needs to be reviewed and the property serviced. We paid cancellation fees with Talk Talk that were promised to be funded and they have not. We have been promised call backs, never received. We have complained abs never received a response. 

satisfaction is the team fix the problem abs get this house connected. It is not unserviceable. It is the victim of poor construction and inadequate rectification effort. Please resolve .

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Re: Wrongfully deemed unserviceable because of poor workmanship

Hi Cjflan1000, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I am sorry to hear of the experience you've had here - I can appreciate this must be frustrating. I would firstly just like to start off by saying this isn't something we can resolve on the forums and if the team have given that information then unfortunately we don't have no other powers to say otherwise. 


I have been able to locate information from our systems that confirms we're unable to do so and that the team is already aware of your concerns and frustration with this and have explained the reasons why this is the case. As you can appreciate the people that have advised this are the people in which would deal with such cases.




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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