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Wrong wall socket?

Joining in


We have been told our flat is Virgin Media ready and thus don’t need an engineer however the only wall socket available is a telewest one with two ports - FM and TV (it won’t let me attach a photo).

Could you please clue us in on the issue?

Thanks in advance.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
There have been many older cable companies in the UK. Telewest is an older company that became Virgin Media (along with ntl).
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own


It’s the one labelled ‘TV’ that you need. Telewest is one of the precursor companies that merged with NTL and rebranded themselves as Virgin Media - the TV and broadband provision physically uses the same cable.

What VM can’t tell is whether or not someone might have disconnected the cable outside, so until you try connecting and see if it is OK, there is no way of knowing if it will work or not. If it doesn’t then you will probably need an engineer visit to check and rectify.