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Wrong Flat number in new contract

Hi. Maybe someone here can help me in this situation. I spoke with one of virgin employee about new installation. I recieved a new contract through email but with wrong Adress. I need to change it. Im trying now to contact Virging media though my phone and i just cant get in touch :/. So heres my problem.

"Hi im writing because ive got an appontment with your engineers for a new installation 19/08 to [MOD EDIT: Personal info removed]. I recieved a new contract but its written 131C. I think we misunderstood each other when i contact your moving team couple days ago. So the situation is. I have to move the router + the installation from Flat 131C to flat 131D. I know that in your system is that my actual installation is in Flat 131D. But your enginer that was making the first installation left the router in Flat 131C but sign the contract for Flat 131D. Its a bit complicated i know. In less then two weeks Flat 131C gonna be occupied by different people so i have to get a new installation in Flat 131D. So you have to change the new contract that ill have ( account number: [MOD EDIT: Personal info removed]) from Flat 131C to Flat 131D thats all thanks"

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Re: Wrong Flat number in new contract

Hi this is a public forum so you shouldn't be posting sensitive information on here re your address and account details.
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Re: Wrong Flat number in new contract

Hi thestiny,


Thanks for posting, 


I'm sorry for the confusion surrounding your house number, sadly this isn't something we're able to help with here. 


You would need to keep trying the sales team on 0800 052 0238.