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Wifi booster won't connect?

Cannot connect new wifi booster despite numerous attempts and factory resets. Tried manually and via the app without success.

Last of my umpteen attempts got error message:

Something went wrong! 

Sorry, this situation is impossible. But since you see the screen, contact the technical support.

At my wits end with one of my sons with no wifi signal whatsoever in his bedroom since tech support split my hub to 2.4G / 5G to improve my speed whilst on Teams Calls WFH

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Re: Wifi booster won't connect?

Hi there @andi_825


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for your first post - I was sorry to understand that you're having some issues with your WiFi Booster set up, both via the app and manually. 


I have located your account from your forum information and can see that you contacted us via our messenger service and were passed to our Tech Support team - we're they able to assist you further at all? 


Your Hub is looking great from here - was last rebooted around 7 days ago. Signal levels are where they should be and no errors are listed. Your WiFi is showing to be working great - no issues listed with any of the connected devices and all devices seem to be on the correct frequency for optimal usage. 


If you're still having issues with your boosters, please do pop back and let us know how you have them set up and we'll go from there. We also have a few help pages which may be of assistance: 


Booster Help

Setting up Boosters


Keep us posted. 



Katie - Forum Team

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