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Why have you activated new kit without telling me!!!!!

Tuning in

internet off. Got message this morning that virgin has activated new router. I still have old router connected. No internet. No wan ip address. If virgin have just switched off the old router without telling me THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!


Knows their stuff

Does your new Hub 3 now work when connected? 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Fibre optic

It does happen with a quick start if you don’t install the new router within a time scale the activation happens automatically.  Depending if you you have upgraded you package speed not all hubs are compatible with certain speeds.

I have not installed the hub 3 because I cannot open port 25 which I need for my mail server.

I still have a hub 2.

Don’t have a problem IF I am told that the old router will be cut off but had absolutely NO notice.

I was intending to set up the hub 3 in modem mode with another router but haven’t had the chance to do so yet.

Just so I am clear I now have 

Volt M350 Fibre Broadband

Is this not compatible with the Hub 2?

I am getting no WAN IP address. Could that we due to work/issues outside the house? I received an email on 6 April say VM were “improving services in the area”.

or has the activation of the new hub caused the existing hub to be disconnected and this is why it gets no WAN IP?

I reviewed another email…

Our records show that your existing Virgin Media broadband Hub can’t quite handle your broadband speed boost. For this reason, we’re sending a new Hub to your home address which you should receive by 15/4/23].”

no mention that the existing hub is NOT compatible with a broadband speed boast I did not request nor that the existing Hub would no longer work.

I subscribe to the ‘if it isn’t broken’ school of thought particularly when I don’t have time to fix it!

Have installed Hub 3, and I am not sure why I needed to change router because the internet speeds are half what I was getting with the Hub 2, and I have wasted half a day of my life trying to get everything back on line even trying to set up Office 365 to host my email instead of using the Mail Server I have set up and have been running for the last 20 years for my business.

I am not getting 135mb/s down and 13.35mb/s up on a service that is supposed to now be M350 Fibre Broadband?

Given I did not want to change the router I had and VM seem to have disconnected it without warning, I now have to go to additional expense to fix a problem not of my making, not to mention the disruption to my business tomorrow when I suspect my email will not be back online.

That should say

I am now getting 135mb/s down and 13.35mb/s up on a service that is supposed to now be M350 Fibre Broadband?